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Aug 3, 2009 ... Adults can't hear it! ... They took the ultra sonic frequency and converted into to a cell phone ringtone which they aptly named ... Teens learned they could hear each others phones ringing at school but their teachers couldnt.
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May 15, 2013 ... Kids are using "mosquito ringtones" adults can't hear ... A website called www. teenbuzz.org produces mosquito tones in kilohertz only your kids can hear. So we tested it ... Mosquito Ringtone- The One Teacher's Can't Hear!
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Aug 17, 2008 ... It produces a tone that only people under 30 years old can hear. Try it out yo... ... Mosquito Ringtone- The One Teacher's Can't Hear! ... This is great to get phone calls and text messages in class or at work without others knowing. ... Kids are using "mosquito ringtones" adults can't hear - Durat...

Teens Turn 'Repeller' into Adult-Proof Ringtone : NPR


May 26, 2006 ... But now, teens are using the high-pitch frequency that most adults can't hear as a text message alert while they're in class -- where they're not ...

Mosquito Ringtones - Download the Mosquito Ring Tone Free


Download free mosquito ringtones, the ultrasonic ringtone also called Teen Buzz that adults can not hear. ... The Ultrasonic Ring tone ADULTS CAN'T HEAR!

Try It: Can You Hear These Sounds Only Young People Hear?


Mar 3, 2015 ... On the flip side, teens are striking back by employing these pitches as ringtones, so they can get calls that their parents and teachers can't hear.

Mosquito Ringtone: Parents & Teachers Can't Hear It, But Teens ...


Mosquito Ringtone: Parents & Teachers Can't Hear It, But Teens Can ... It's a way for their mobile phone to ring without adults knowing it. ... Not only do they vibrate , but cell phones also tend to hum at the same time — a dead giveaway to ...

Ultrasonic Ringtones


The original ultrasonic ringtone high frequency hearing test ... Find out just how far your ears can hear into the range of ultrasonic ringtones. ... they can only be heard by kids and generally can't be heard by adults over the age over 20 or so.

A ring tone many adults can't hear - CNET


Jun 13, 2006 ... Several young students have caught on to a recent trend: a ring tone that only they can hear and most adults can't. Dubbed the Mosquito, the ...

What is a high pitch noise that adults can't hear? | Reference.com


For this reason, 17-kilohertz ring tones are popular among high school students who want to receive messages on their cell phones during classes where cell ...

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New York Schoolkids Use Cell-Phone Ring Tone Teachers Can't Hear


Jun 13, 2006 ... Some students are downloading a ring tone off the Internet that is too high- pitched to be heard by most adults. With it, high schoolers can ...

The Answer Sheet - The Mosquito ring tone: Kids hear it, adults can't


Mar 19, 2010 ... I didn't. Another cell phone went up and, again, I didn't hear anything. ... really worked as advertised: Kids and teens can hear it but adults can't.

A Ring Tone Meant to Fall on Deaf Ears - The New York Times


Jun 12, 2006 ... For classrooms where cellphone use is forbidden, students have found a ring tone that many adults cannot hear.