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PlayStation®3 Features Multimedia | PlayStation®3 System ...

Sony PlayStation® provides PlayStation®3 multimedia features that allows to store your music, videos and photos all in one place. Discover more by checking  ...

PS3™ - PlayStation®3 Console | PS3™ Features Games & Videos

PS3. The Last of Us™. The Last of Us™ is a genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population ...
The hub for everything you want and love about the PS3 where you'll find links to the latest reviews, features, and tips regarding your favorite Sony machine. From the next great shooter to the biggest disappointments of the year, we've got all that you need to know ab... More »
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PlayStation®3 Features Connectivity - DLNA, Remote Play, Online ...

PlayStation®3 comes with amazing technology, WiFi, wireless controllers and a hard drive are just a few of the PS3™ features. PS3™ gives you access to ...

Key Features of the Sony PlayStation 3 - For Dummies

Sony's top-of-the-line gaming console is the PlayStation 3 (or PS3). The PlayStation 3 was designed for high-performance gaming in a home theater with an ...

PS3 Special Features - HowStuffWorks

PS3 Special Features. The PlayStation 3 has a front-loading, Blu-ray optical disc drive, and PlayStation 3 games will be distributed on Blu-ray discs. Blu-ray ...

Media Features - Sony PlayStation 3 120GB (PS3 Slim) Review ...,2817,2352134,00.asp

Nov 22, 2011 ... A long-overdue price drop, a hard-drive bump, and a compelling physical redesign make the Sony PlayStation 3 more desirable than ever.

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PlaySatation® 3. ... PlayStation® 3 Features; PlayStation®Vita Features ... All PlayStation®3 systems are already equipped with everything you need to play ...

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Q: Playstation 3 Features?
A: myself had 360 before and sold it you know why? i got red ring of death TWICE. i bought 40 gb ps3 and the benefits include: quiter running system, better graphi... Read More »
Q: Playstation 3 Features?
A: well i have a ps3 and i'm addicting to call of duty 4 but since call of duty modern warfare #2's comin out then im recommendin tht. Pros: 1. Cell- 8 cores, 7 ac... Read More »
Q: What are the features for playstation 3
A: The PlayStation 3 console has an elegant design featuring clean lin... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: Do all PlayStation 3 consoles feature bluray?
A: Yes Read More »
Q: What are some PlayStation 3 games that feature split screen?
A: Resistance Fall of Man Marvel Ultimate Alliance Haze Army of Two Ghost Recon Advance Warfare. All have Co-Op. Resistance 2 Fall of Man. Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2.... Read More »