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Standard RAID levels


In computer storage, the standard RAID levels comprise a basic set of RAID configurations that employ the techniques of striping, mirroring, or parity to create  ...

RAID Levels Explained | PCMag.com


Mar 27, 2014 ... Whether you're looking to optimize a server's performance or to defend against total data loss on a NAS box, you need RAID. But which level is ...

RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10 Explained with Diagrams


Aug 10, 2010 ... RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive (Independent) Disks. On most situations you will be using one of the following four levels of ...

RAID types/levels and benefits explained - SearchStorage


RAID can allow for better storage performance and higher availability, and there are many different RAID levels. Read a comparison of RAID types and levels, ...

Parity is calculated when data is written to the RAID 3 array; the parity data is stored on a dedicated separate disk. RAID 3 storage size can be calculated by multiplying the smallest drive by the number of drives in the array, minus 1: "d" is the smallest disk in the... More »
By Tom Nelson, About.com Guide

RAID Types (Levels) Reference - RAID Calculator


RAID levels reference covers various aspects and tradeoffs of the different RAID levels.

RAID level 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 | Advantage, disadvantage, use


Short tutorial on RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10, the advantages of striping, mirroring and parity for performance & security plus their use for prepress storage .

RAID Made Easy | PCWorld


RAID has levels, or methods by which the drives are ganged together; commonly people refer to levels by number. The three most common levels in the ...

Raid Level Tutorial To Understand Raid Technology


Advanced Computer and Network Corporation proudly presents the RAID levels tutorial featuring clear easy-to-understand diagrams and concise descriptions of  ...

PMC Adaptec | Choosing the Right RAID


Types of RAID, Software-Based, Motherboard-Based, Adapter-Based. Description, Included in the OS, such as ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What RAID types are there...?
A: Liorde- I don't know where all the rest of this information came from, but here is the lowdown on RAID (some of the information already provided is accura... Read More »
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Q: What is RAID, types of RAID?
A: Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks. A category of disk drives that employ two or more drives in combination for fault tolerance and performan... Read More »
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Q: How to check Unix RAID type.
A: metastat will report on the status of the software RAID. ie using meta device. metastat will report the RAID status *if* you are using SVM. The person reference... Read More »
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Q: What are the 3 types of RAID?
A: They're probably asking for mirroring (RAID 1), striping (RAID 2) and error correcting. Mirroring and error correcting will generally slow a system down in cert... Read More »
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Q: Which type of RAID uses a dedicated parity disk?
A: RAID 3 Read More »
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