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How to Test Ignition Coils
From coils and coil packs to electronic ignitions and computers, the ignition system can be a mystery. How do you know whether a coil is causing the problems that you are experiencing in your car? Testing the coil is the first step in troubleshooting the... More »
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May 8, 2013 ... How to test an oil filled Ignition Coil with an Ohm Meter.

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Ignition coils provide the high voltage needed by the ignition system to fire the spark plugs. Most engines that have a distributor ignition system have a single coil ...

How to Test Ignition Coil in a Vehicle | DoItYourself.com


There are two ways to test the ignition coil of your vehicle: the spark plug test and the bench test. While the spark plug test is effective, the bench test is more ...

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In order to test the spark, pull the spark plug from the engine, and then start the car. There should be a bright blue spark between the electrodes every time the ...

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There are a number of on-the-car, shadetree tests for your ignition coil, but to definitively determine whether your coil is on the way out, the only proper coil test is ...

Testing an Ignition Coil on the Car - Auto Repair - About.com


A bad coil means no spark, so testing your ignition coil is an important step in troubleshooting an no-start or a no-spark issue.

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Aug 1, 2016 ... An ignition coil is a vital component of today's modern engine management system. Virtually all vehicles manufactured today use ...

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There are many different ways to go about testing for a no spark condition. The only ... Bad Ignition Coil, Check coil using Ignition Coil Test procedure below.

Ignition Coil Troubleshooting: (No) Fire in the Hole


An ignition coil is a type of pulse transformer that multiplies the low voltage ... the engine, the next thing to check was that there was spark to ignite the fuel.