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Sulfur or sulphur (see spelling differences) is a chemical element with symbol S and atomic ... The element sulfur is used in matches, insecticides, and fungicides. Many sulfur compounds are odorife...

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Elemental sulfur is used in black gunpowder, matches, and fireworks; in the vulcanization of rubber; as a fungicide, insecticide, and fumigant; in the manufacture ...

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Sulfur is an important element, essential for life. Aside from this however, the element can be used in many other ways. Its versatility can be attributed to.

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An ore is a naturally occurring mineral used as a source for an element. Many ores are compounds of a metal and oxygen or a metal and sulfur. Compounds that ...

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In underground deposits of very pure sulfur that are present in domelike geologic ... Prehistoric humans used sulfur as a pigment for cave painting; one of the first ...

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Most of the sulphur produced is used to produce sulphuric acid, H2SO4, the most important manufactured chemical in the world. Sulphuric acid has many uses, ...

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An ore is a naturally occurring mineral used as a source for an element. Many ores are compounds of a metal and oxygen or a metal and sulfur. Compounds that ...

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Sulfur is one of the most important elements. It is used to make sulfuric acid, which is the most abundantly made industrial chemical. The element itself is an ...

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Most of the sulfur that is produced is used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid (H2 SO4). Large amounts of sulfuric acid, nearly 40 million tons, are used each year ...

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When sulfur burns it produces sulfur dioxide, a poisonous gas. At one time this gas was used in New York to fumigate buildings harboring infectious diseases.

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Element Sulfur (S), Group 16, Atomic Number 16, p-block, Mass 32.06. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and images.

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Chem4Kids.com! Sulfur discovery, background, and location information. There are also tutorials on the first thirty-six elements of the periodic table.

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Nov 24, 2014 ... It's also used to refine oil and in processing ores. Pure sulfur has no smell. The stink associated with the element comes from many of its ...