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In November 2015, Movado announced the release of the Movado Motion collection of fine Swiss made watches, powered by the ...


From its Swiss-made luxury watches to its fashion timepieces, Movado is widely copied by replica watch manufacturers the world over. Since real Movado ...


Oct 23, 2010 ... Knowing how to spot a fake Movado watch will help you to make sure you purchase the real thing. Movado watches are some of the most ...


A real Movado watch also has a logo printed on the inside. (Image: golden watch image by Yulaki Khvenchuk from Fotolia.com). Movado makes luxury ...

Oct 9, 2014 ... Difference Between Real And Fake Movado. Perfumes & ... Difference between swiss made movement and swiss made watch - Duration: 4:35.


So my question is:How do you tell a fake from a realmovado? is there any words ... I have owned a couple Movado's and they do say Swiss Movado Made at the 6 . ... They could be real and the pawn shop just priced them low.


I have read that if your watch face says swiss movado made it is real, and i have read that if it says swiss movado quartz it is real. I have also read that both are ...


To identify a real Movado watch, owners can check the printing on the watch, ... Genuine Movado watches are usually printed with the words Swiss Made or ...


Movad FAQs, What is a Swiss Watch, How can I. ... HOW DO I KNOW IF MY MOVADO IS REAL? Authentic .... HOW DOES DUST AFFECT MY MOVADO?


I bought this watch from watchery.com and although I am very ... Why dont you go to a real movado dealer and have a look at one? ... Make sure the dealer takes credit cards, you can always disput charges if its a fake. 2.