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iPod classic User Guide - Apple

36 Converting Your Own Videos to Work with iPod classic ..... the onscreen instructions to set up an Apple account or enter your existing Apple account or AOL ...

iPod - Apple Support

Need help with iPod? Learn how to use, setup or get support for your iPod.
While AAC is thought by many to be superior to MP3, it isn't compatible with as many devices as MP3. As a result, you may want to convert from AAC to MP3 to make sure your music works with all your devices. For a company that prides itself on a smooth and polished use... More »

iPod nano User Guide - Apple

To use iPod nano, you put music, videos, photos, and other files on your ..... the onscreen instructions to set up an Apple account or enter your existing Apple.

iPod classic User Guide - Apple

18 Adding music, videos, and other content to iPod classic. 18 Connecting iPod classic to a computer for the first time. 19 Syncing music automatically.

iPod Manuals - Apple

iPod touch User Guide for iOS 8.4 ... iPod nano (7th generation) - User Guide. Jul 15, 2015 - 11 MB. iPod shuffle (4th generation) - User Guide. Jul 15, 2015 - 2 ...

iPod Nano user guide (PDF) - Apple

Use the Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable to connect iPod nano to your ... 3 Follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to register iPod nano and sync iPod ...

iPod (Click Wheel) User's Guide (Manual) - Apple

iPod works with the iTunes music software included on the iPod CD. .... 2 Click the Account button and follow the onscreen instructions to set up an account or.

Instructions for iPods
The iPod is a portable MP3 playback device designed by Apple. The most popular personal audio players in the world, iPods boast a lot of impressive features. If you have not owned an iPod before, figuring out where to start can be a bit frustrating.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
Popular Q&A
Q: What are iPod instructions?
A: They tell you about your ipod like if something go wrong and like how to add music and such. Read More »
Q: How to load i pod that came with no instructions?
A: Are you asking how to download music from your computer? If so, you need to download itunes first. Second, if you have music already on your computer from anoth... Read More »
Q: How do i use my gifted iPod with no instructions?
A: Is it an iPod or an iPod touch? If its an iPod then you download iTunes onto your computer ( plug it in to it through the USB port, then you start do... Read More »
Q: How to Record an Instructional DVD on Your iPod Nano
A: 1 Download and read the owner's manual. Make a few sample videos from the monitor you'll be recording from, to get the feel for how it works and to see how the ... Read More »
Q: How To Take Apart An iPod Nano 2nd Generation & Instructions.
A: 1. Locate the small opening in the bottom of the Nano. Insert a flat head screwdriver and gently pry off the bottom cover. 2. Remove the two screws that you can... Read More »