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English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Borrowing from French au contraire. Pronunciation[ edit]. (UK) IPA: /əʊ ˈkɒntɹɛː(ɹ)/; (US) IPA: /oʊ ˌkɑnˈtɹɛ(ə)ɹ/. Adverb[edit].


Define au contraire: on the contrary compare tout au contraire.


au contraire, as I find my dear uncle alive, it will be all the easier for him to show himself amiable towards me. A Hungarian Nabob Maurus Jkai. "au contraire, I ...


The definition of au contraire is French and means to the contrary, and it is a phrase used when someone is incorrect, wrong or says something that is the ...


au contraire (oh kon-TRAIR) noun. On the contrary. [From French au contraire (on the contrary).] On the face of it, there seems no reason to prefer au contraire to ...


Nov 17, 2013 ... The snobbish French way to say "on the contrary", which is the snobbish English way to say "rather".


In French, au contraire means, literally, on the contrary, and that's exactly what this loan phrase means in English. It's often used to mean, roughly, I beg to differ,  ...


Think it's difficult to use this French expression? Au contraire ! (But do watch out for its brother, au contraire mon frère.)


Define au contraire. au contraire synonyms, au contraire pronunciation, au contraire translation, English dictionary definition of au contraire. adv on the contrary ...


Au Contraire. From This Might Be A Wiki ... song name, Au Contraire. artist, They Might Be ... Au Contraire is currently ranked #363 out of 841. (68 wikians have ...