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The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex), also known as the steinbock or bouquetin, is a species of wild ... "Steinbock" redirects here. For the African antelope sometimes known as "steinbock"...

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Aug 29, 2014 ... The Nubian ibex's gigantic, backward-curling horns are even more ... into male competitors while on top of scary mountains in North Africa and ...

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Jul 23, 2014 ... Ibex are wild goats that live in the mountainous regions of Europe, north central Asia and northern Africa. There are five species of ibex, ...

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It also has one of Africa's largest native animal populations. ... Ethiopia during World War II - the walia ibex had an estimated population of 500 by the late 1990s.

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Want to find out what types of animals Out of Africa has? ... arctos horribilis; Hyena, Spotted Crocuta crocuta; Ibex Capra Ibex; Javelina (Peccary) Tayassu tajacu ...

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Photographs, video clips and information from ARKive on this species endemic to the Semien Mountains of northern Ethiopia.

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Africa straddles the equator which bestows a rich diversity of wildlife and ... Hippopotamus · A Nubian ibex in the Judian Desert, Israel Nubian ibex · A male ...

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Animals. Ethiopian wolf, Walia ibex, gelada baboon, Simien fox, Fischer's .... The pride that you are making a difference for Africa's wildlife, wild lands and ...

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Get to know some of the awesome animals of Africa! ... Walia Ibex: This rare goat species grazes in groups, so they can alert each other if there's any sign of ...

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Ibex image The ibex is a variety of wild goat; they are animals of mountain habitats. Ibexes can be found in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Himalayas. Ibexes are ...

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Sep 1, 2015 ... ... Bovidae (order Artiodactyla) that are found in the mountains of Europe, Asia, and northeastern Africa.... ... Other ibexes include the Spanish ibex (C. pyrenaica) and the walia, or Abyssinian ibex (C. ... Animal Mating Behavior.

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Ibex~Genus Capra Family, Bovidae goats or wild goats; 9 species including Markhor .... When non-African people try to name African animals and get it wrong.

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Of all ibexes, the Walia ibex is the only one listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species. This species is the only wild goat found in Africa  ...