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Charles Martel
Charles Martel was a Frankish ruler whose military successes were a foundation of the Carolingian dynasty, who ruled what is now France until the tenth century. The illegitimate son of Mayor of the Palace Pepin of Herstal, Charles endured imprisonment at... More »
Born: c. 688, Hersal, Belgium
Died: October 22, 741


Charles "The Hammer" Martel was the son of Pepin of Herstal and his second wife Alpaida. He had a brother named Childebrand, ...


Nov 30, 2016 ... Charles Martel, Latin Carolus Martellus, German Karl Martell (born c. 688—died Oct. 22, 741, Quierzy-sur-Oise [France]), mayor of the palace of ...


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Aug 29, 2016 ... Born on August 23, 686, Charles Martel was the son of Pippin the Middle and his second wife, Alpaida. The mayor of the palace to the King of ...


Charles Martel was a Frankish ruler whose military successes were a ... a turning point in European history because it stopped the Muslim advance from Spain.


There are multiple history forces that can be used to describe the life and deeds of Charles Martel and the ones I will be looking at are religion and technology.


Charles Martel was a Frankish Ruler of the Carolingian line from 718 until his death in 741. His famous grandson, Charlemagne, would unite Central...


MARTEL c.688 - 741. Frankish Ruler Charles Martel, meaning Charles the Hammer, was mayor of the palace (or chancellor) of Austrasia, which was the eastern ...


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