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Crustaceans form a very large group of arthropods, usually treated as a subphylum, which ... which is usually uniramous, the exception being in the Class Malacostraca where the antennules may be gen...



Crustaceashrimps, crabs, lobsters, water fleas, and relatives ... and abdomen, although the segments composing these tagmata differ among different Classes).

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Sea-birds and octopuses are the most common predators of larger crustacea. The sub-phylum Crustacea comprises ten classes of very diverse animals, some of ...

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Subphylum Crustacea Tree of Life. ... Subphylum Crustacea Classification ... Class. Subclass. Common Name. Class Branchiopoda, Phyllopoda, Brine shrimp .

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2011). Though it is present in larvae of many Crustacea, several groups have lost it over the ... Only in recent years has this tiny-sized class of plankton been well ...

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Aug 20, 2014 ... Any member of the subphylum Crustacea (phylum Arthropoda), a group of ... At the other end of the scale, some of the water fleas (class ...

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Crustacean Printouts. ... Most crustaceans live in water, but some live on land. ... Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Subphylum Crustacea, Classes:.

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The crustaceans are a group of animals that belong to the class Crustacea in the phylum Arthropoda (organisms with segmented bodies, jointed legs or wings, ...

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The decapods are the largest of the extant crustaceans and the group contains the most commonly recognized (and eaten!) crustaceans - crabs, lobsters ...

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The Crustacea are an ancient group of organisms with a fossil record stretching back ... The subphylum, or class in some classification schemes, is divided into 9  ...

Phylum Crustacea
Approximately 30,000 species make up this Subphylum. Most are aquatic; of these, the majority are marine but some are found in fresh water. Members of the Subphylum include lobsters, crabs, crayfish, shrimp, copepods, barnacles, and several other... More >>
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The most important classes of Crustacea are Branchiopoda, which includes the brine shrimp; Maxillopoda, which includes the barnacles and copepods; ...

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Crustacea Class. The Crustacea Class is split into smaller groups, called Orders. Below is a list of some Crustacean Orders: Decapoda Order: Called "Decapods ...

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Apr 14, 2011 ... Crustacea is sometimes considered a class or superclass rather than a subphylum. ... Six classes of crustaceans are generally recognized:.