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From PET's 1977 debut, Commodore would be a computer company. Commodore had ...

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Commodore Computers: VIC20 C64 PET C128 Plus4 - All 8 Bit Machines ... The 6502 CPU was used in dozens of computers including the Apple 1, 2 and 3.

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Dec 6, 2015 ... Best known for the Commodore 64, the best selling model in the history of computing, Commodore International was one of the first companies ...

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Commodore Business Machines was originally founded as a typewriter ... In 1981 Commodore released the VIC 20, the first computer to sell one million units.

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May 7, 2016 ... Although it looks like an unimpessive keyboard-like box, the Commodore 64 was incredibly popular. More C64s have been sold than any other ...

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20 products ... This is a history of Commodore and Amiga computers. Information about the evolution, marketing, popularity and features of these computers is ...

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Nov 15, 2006 ... Whether you owned a Commodore computer or want to hear a new angle on the early stages of computer development, you'll find this book ...

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The greatest unsung pioneer in computing has to be Commodore Business Machines, the now sadly defunct company that produced without a doubt the single ...

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The commodore 64 is, along with the Apple II and the Atari XL computers, the most famous home computer. According to the 2001 edition of Guinness book of  ...

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It was basically a suicide. The Amiga was way ahead of its time. Not just in graphics. In the ... a suicide. The Amiga was way ahead of its time. Not just in graphics. In the world of personal computers, the Amiga had packed more firsts, .. .

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For years, the name Commodore Business Machines was synonymous with home computing. But what became of them?

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Aug 20, 2009 ... It started in 1954 as a typewriter company and moved through pocket calculators to home computers such as the Commodore Pet, Vic-20, ...

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A collection of computers and other products by Commodore Business Machines maintained by Bo Zimmerman.