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Computers for the masses, not the classes"edit]. Commodore PET 2001 (1977).

Commodore Computers | PET, 64, 128, History, Pictures, Manuals ... site which provides history, manuals, ROM downloads, along with an active user forum for support of your 8 Bit Commodore computers, ...

History of Commodore - Commodore Computers

Jun 4, 2012 ... | Commodore Computer History | Chronology of Events from 1948 until today.

Commodore computer history and repair information

20 products ... This is a history of Commodore and Amiga computers. Information about the evolution, marketing, popularity and features of these computers is ...
It was an enormous hit and became the first model of computer to ship over a million units. With the failure of the MAX, Commodore resided to making more business related computers, and began developing the next PET model for corporate industry use, until the minds beh... More »
By D.S. Cohen, Guide

Commodore Collection Gallery : Here be Commodore Computers ...

A collection of computers and other products by Commodore Business Machines maintained by Bo Zimmerman.

History of Commodore - C64 Forever

The C64 Computer; History of Commodore ... and for sayings that included "live in the future", "computers for the masses, not the classes" and "business is war".

Commodore 64 computer -

Jul 21, 2014 ... Although it looks like an unimpessive keyboard-like box, the Commodore 64 was incredibly popular. More C64s have been sold than any other ...

OLD-COMPUTERS.COM Museum ~ Commodore C64

The commodore 64 is, along with the Apple II and the Atari XL computers, the most famous home computer. According to the 2001 edition of Guinness book of  ...

Secret Weapons of Commodore: The Story of Commodore - Floodgap

the Commodore 64. Its importance in truly putting computing within the reach of the home user cannot be overestimated. Still the best-selling single computer ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Which vintage Commodore computer was best, 16 or 64?
A: The C64, which was an 8-bit 64KB (memory) was immensely popular in its time. The C16 was intended to be a cost effective alternative that was actually released ... Read More »
Q: Why didn't the Commodore computer company buy Apple?
A: Commodore was never really in a position to buy out Apple. It Read More »
Q: Where can I donate my commodore computer equipment?
A: I willing to give it anyone who might use it. I think maybe some charity might be able to sell it and use the money. Otherwise it gets dumped in the trash. The ... Read More »
Q: Was the Commodore computer built or invented at Radio Shack store...
A: No. The commodore line of computers were a different company; Commodore. Radio shack's computers during that time were the TRS-80 line. Read More »
Q: What does the 64 stand for in commodore 64 computer?
A: It stands for the 64 kilobytes of RAM the the Commodore 64 has. Read More »