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Sawflies are the insects of the suborder Symphyta within the order Hymenoptera alongside ants, bees and wasps. The common name comes from the saw-like ...

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Dogwood Sawfly - Macremphytus tarsatus sawfly - Taxonus pallicoxus - female Sawfly Waxy Sawfly larvae Sawfly - Ametastegia pallipes - female Larva ...

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Mar 18, 2005 ... Strongylogaster impressata Sawfly larva on sheep sorrel - Ametastegia Common sawfly - Dolerus Pristiphora geniculata Nematus calais?

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Most female sawflies possess 'saw-like' genitalia which they use to cut ... Leaf mines on Common alder (against light) · o_1akas6ibkeupg0lru61gcbsn0a.jpg

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There are many different species of sawflies and each prefers specific plants or groups of related plants. Some of the more common sawflies that feed on trees ...

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So what is a sawfly, exactly? They're often described as stingless wasps. They get their common name from the female's ovipositor, which unfolds like a ...

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Most sawflies attack only one species or closely related species of plants, and the common name of the sawfly usually includes its host. Examples are:.

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The most common sawfly species that attacks pines in Pennsylvania is the European pine sawfly. The larval stage feeds on the needles of pines growing in  ...

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Pine sawfly larvae, Neodiprion spp., are the most common defoliating insects of pine trees, Pinus spp., in Florida. Sawfly infestations can cause growth loss and ...

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Sawflies (Caliroa cerasi), also known as cherry or pear slugs, are widely distributed throughout the United States and Canada. They are a common pest of  ...