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Sawfly is the common name for insects belonging to suborder Symphyta of the order Hymenoptera. Sawflies are distinguishable from most other hymenopterans  ...

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There are many different species of sawflies and each prefers specific plants or groups of related plants. Some of the more common sawflies that feed on trees ...

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Pine sawfly larvae, Neodiprion spp., are the most common defoliating insects of pine trees, Pinus spp., in Florida. Sawfly infestations can cause growth loss and ...

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Mar 18, 2005 ... Tenthredo basilaris Common Sawfly - Tenthredo - male Sawfly - Taxonus epicera ... Order Hymenoptera (Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies).

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Some of the most common are the apple sawfly (hoplocampa testudinae), the common gooseberry sawfly (Nematus ribesii), the turnip sawfly (Athalia rosae) the ...

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The common gooseberry sawfly is one of several sawfly species that can ... Damage is caused by the caterpillar-like larvae of several species of sawfly that ...

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European pine sawfly (Hymenoptera) rearing up in characteristic defensive posture on pine ... European pine sawfly is the most common sawfly in Missouri.

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The redheaded pine sawfly can be very destructive, attacking trees 1 foot to 12 ... be used for sawfly control are listed below by the common name of the active ...

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Sawflies are part of the insect order, Hymenoptera, together with bees, wasps and ants. However they are considered to be the most primitive group and form the ...

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Cimbicid sawflies (Cimbicidae) are large, robust insects easily recognized by their club-shaped antennae. The most common North American species is the elm ...

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So what is a sawfly, exactly? They're often described as stingless wasps. They get their common name from the female's ovipositor, which unfolds like a ...

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Most sawflies attack only one species or closely related species of plants, and the common name of the sawfly usually includes its host. Examples are:.

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Caterpillar - Eriocampa juglandis Stages of Wooly Sawfly Larva - Eriocampa sawfly - Phrontosoma belfragei - female Sawfly - Taxonus pallicoxus - female sawfly ...