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Cosmology is the study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe. Physical cosmology is the scholarly and scientific study of the origin, evolution, ...

WMAP's Introduction to Cosmology


Basic introduction to modern cosmology, aimed at a general audience. This NASA site is part of the outreach efforts for the WMAP space probe, which measures ...

cosmologist - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com


A cosmologist is a scientist who studies the universe. If you hope to become a cosmologist one day, you'll want to take a lot of astronomy classes in college.

Cosmologist - definition of cosmologist by The Free Dictionary


The study of the physical universe considered as a totality of phenomena in time and space. 2. a. The astrophysical study of the history, structure, and constituent ...

xkcd: Cosmologist on a Tire Swing


A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. xkcd updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cosmologist on a Tire Swing. |< · < Prev · Random ...

Cosmologist and communicator Lawrence M. Krauss on The ...


Oct 22, 2015 ... Lawrence Krauss is a rare animal.He is a physicist with landmark results under his belt, including the prediction that most of the…

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial - UCLA


Site maintained by a UCLA astronomy professor, which features an introduction to cosmology (which uses no more than high-school level mathematics), links to ...

Aristotelian Cosmology


Aristotle's cosmological work On The Heavens is the most influential treatise of its kind in the history of humanity. It was accepted for more that 18 centuries from ...

Cosmology - PBS


Companion site to the PBS mini-series "Faith & Reason". The cosmology section discusses the challenge to traditional Christian views posed by the scientific ...

Cosmology - Universe Today


If so, than in addition to philosophy, religion, and esotericism, you might be interested in the field of Cosmology. This is, in the strictest sense, the study of the  ...

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Cosmology | Define Cosmology at Dictionary.com


Cosmology definition, the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin and general structure of the universe, with its parts, elements, and laws, and especially ...

Cosmology | Definition of Cosmology by Merriam-Webster


Define cosmology: the scientific study of the origin and structure of the universe.

Antony Lewis' Home Page


Information about cosmology papers, links to CMB codes, etc.