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Introduction to the basic terminology and concepts of graphing rational functions.


If the denominator has a higher degree term than the numerator, the horizontal asymptote will be 0. ALWAYS. If the numerator has a higher degree term than the  ...


Graphing rational functions 2. AboutTranscript. Sal graphs y=(2x)/(x+1). Created by Sal Khan, CK-12 Foundation. Google Classroom Facebook Twitter Email.


This algebra lesson shows how to put all the pieces together (x-intercept, y- intercept, vertical asymptotes, horizontal or slant asymptotes) and explains how to ...


In this final section we need to discuss graphing rational functions. It's is probably best to start off with a fairly simple one that we can do without all that much ...

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surprise that near values that make the denominator zero, rational functions exhibit ... The graph of the rational function will have a vertical asymptote at the re -.


Steps To Graph Rational Functions. 1. Make sure the numerator and denominator of the function are arranged in descending order of power. 2. Find the domain.


The graphs of the rational functions can be difficult to draw. To sketch a graph of a rational function, you can start by finding the asymptotes and intercepts.


Below is the graph of the function. Please note that the branches of rational functions have SMOOTH turns. They are never parallel to their asymptotes, but move ...