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Effects of Woodstock - Woodstock 1969


Woodstock's Effect on Counterculture Though the Vietnam War continued on and the role of women continued to be trivialized, the Counterculture movement ...

The Effect of Woodstock


The Woodstock Music & Arts Festival was of local and regional significance because of the enormous impact, both immediate and lasting, the event had on the ...

PBS: Think Tank: Transcript for "Did Woodstock change America?"


Did Woodstock mark the end of the '60s, as some say, or was it thebeginning of ..... and it didn't have that great an impact, exceptindirectly by sparking a middle ...

reactingtovietnam - Lasting Effects of Woodstock

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Lasting Effects. In retrospect, the Woodstock Festival truly did change the world, with concept of flower power and peace resonating through music and ...

CNN.com - Flashing back to Woodstock - Aug 17, 2004


Aug 17, 2004 ... From a few days of love and music at Woodstock to continued ... It was a good example of relatively how much impact a dramatic image can ...

Woodstock 40 Years Later: Legacy Still Present At Today's Music ...


Sep 14, 2009 ... Giant rock festivals fan out every summer with ambitions for just a fraction of Woodstock's impact. They are more efficiently run, more organized ...

Accomplishments of Woodstock - Woodstock - Preservation Archives


With slavery came Africans who had unique styles of playing music that clearly had an enormous impact on music as we know it, such as drumming style and ...

Woodstock 1969 - Woodstock Story


Here is a brief overview of the legendary Woodstock 1969 festival and the impact it had on music, American culture, and the world. Woodstock was the pop ...

Woodstock: It's Impact On Our Country And Community 40 Years Later


Aug 21, 2009 ... This week on Noon Edition, local experts joined us in studio to discuss the impact of Woodstock 40 years later.

Woodstock: A Very Little Rebellion - The Hudson River Valley Institute


its impact is mostly a myth. The Woodstock Festival of '69, as it is still called after twenty-five years, engendered much talk of revolution and very little rebellion.

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Q: What was the social impact of Woodstock?
A: Woodstock was the first musical event of that nature and size which was Read More »
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Q: What was the name of the novel Christopher Cole wrote about the i...
A: The novel is 'The Closer's Song'. Christopher Cole wrote "The Closers Song". It was a novel, of fiction, based on his experiences at Woodstock, and the impact i... Read More »
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Q: How has Woodstock made a impact on the American scene?
A: It was a week end rock fest that turned into the biggest free love, heavy drinking and pot smoking even in U.S. history. If all the people who CLAIM to have bee... Read More »
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Q: Can someone explain to me why woodstock was such an impact on hip...
A: I blame Scorcese for making the film, although 40 years later Johnny Winter's brilliant set was finally released. It became a media event. At the end of every d... Read More »
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Q: What was Woodstock's most profound impact on the modern music fes...
A: Woodstock did not invent the modern music festival — Monterey Pop, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Newport, and scores of other festivals from the 1960s created the gen... Read More »
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