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Metritis is inflammation of the wall of the uterus, whereas endometritis is inflammation of the functional lining of the uterus, called the endometrium The term ...

Metritis and Endometritis in Large Animals - Merck Veterinary Manual


Cows. Several specific diseases are associated with metritis or endometritis. These include brucellosis (see Brucellosis in Large Animals), leptospirosis (see ...

Acute Puerperal Metritis in Large Animals: Metritis in Large Animals ...


In all species, acute puerperal metritis occurs within the first 10–14 days postpartum. It results from contamination of the reproductive tract at parturition and often, ...

Bacterial Infection (Metritis) of the Uterus in Dogs | petMD


Metritis is inflammation of the endometrium (lining) of the uterus due to a bacterial infection, usually occurring within a week after a dog has given birth.

Metritis - Zoetis


Metritis, an inflammation of the uterus, is caused by bacterial infection, and usually is seen following calving. It occurs most commonly after calvings complicated ...

Excede - Treat Metritis - Zoetis


EXCEDE <sup>®</sup> (ceftiofur crystalline free acid) Sterile Suspension is approved for treatment of acute metritis in a two-dose regimen. To treat metritis, administer ...

Metritis - The Pig Site


Metritis is inflammation of the womb caused by bacterial infection. It is fairly common in the immediate post-farrowing period. After farrowing the womb contracts ...

Treating Metritis | MSU Extension


Jun 9, 2014 ... Metritis can reduce the reproductive and milking performance of fresh cows. It can be a costly disease and your first inclination from a hint of ...

Simple steps to identify and treat metritis | Dairy Herd Management


Jun 26, 2012 ... Metritis is one of the most common fresh cow diseases. Typically diagnosed during the first 10 days in milk, metritis is a uterine infection that ...

Getting a handle on metritis | Hoards Dairyman


This Hoard's Dairyman article addresses metritis and the issues associated with this early lactation reproductive infection.

inflammation of the uterus.
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