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The religion(s) of Nepal include: Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Kirant.
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Nepal is a secular state. Prior to the movement for democracy in early 2006 and the sacking of King Gyanendra in 2008, the country was officially a Hindu state.

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Religion in Nepal. In Nepal, religion is not just a set of beliefs and accompanying rituals handed down from generation to generation; rather it is a complex ...

Christianity, Religious Tensions on the Rise in Nepal - CNS News


May 12, 2016 ... High in the Himalayas, Christianity is on the rise. And so are religious tensions.

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Religion occupies an integral position in Nepalese life and society. In the early 1990s, Nepal was the only constitutionally declared Hindu state in the world; ...

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Religion & People. Religion In Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religions. The two have co-existed down the ages and many Hindu temples ...

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Religion in Nepal occupies an integral position in Nepalese life and society. People in Nepal mainly follow Hinduism and Buddhism.

Nepal bans religious conversion in new draft constitution - World


Jul 20, 2015 ... Christians and Muslims in Nepal are criticizing the draft version of a new constitution that bans religious conversion.

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Culture & Religion in Nepal. Since Nepal was declared federal democratic republic nation, the people of Nepal living in various society got right to establish  ...

Why Is Christianity Thriving in Nepal? - The Christian Post


Mar 3, 2016 ... In Nepal, Hinduism reigns as the primary religion — out of Nepal's population of 28 million, Christians make up less than 1.5 percent. Recently ...