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Allorecognition is the ability of an individual organism to distinguish its own tissues from those of another. It manifests itself in the recognition of antigens expressed on the surface of cells of...

Self vs. Non-Self | Method


Our immune system uses pattern recognition to identify foreignness. Pattern recognition takes advantage of the long evolutionary distance that separates ...

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Self/Nonself—Immune Recognition and Signaling. A new journal tackles a problem at the center of immunological science. William E Paul <sup>corresponding</sup> <sup>author</sup>.

Self and Non-self Discrimination of Intracellular Membranes by the ...


Because LRSAM1 can bind directly to bacteria in vitro through its LRR domain [ 16], non-self molecules on the ...

Self- and nonself-recognition by C-type lectins on dendritic cells.


Annu Rev Immunol. 2004;22:33-54. Self- and nonself-recognition by C-type lectins on dendritic cells. Geijtenbeek TB(1), van Vliet SJ, Engering A, 't Hart BA, van ...

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The fundamental principle here is that of antigens. Antigens are molecules which are present .... Moreover, if there is graft from the same species much of the recognition and response is mediated by cytotoxic T cells. Having explained all these ...

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May 5, 2014 ... From Wikipedia: "HIV infects vital cells in the human immune system such as helper T cells (specifically CD4+ T cells), macrophages, and ...

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Jan 28, 2010 ... Differential complementarity of this type may underlie many types of self/non-self recognition — a key function in all immune systems.

Immunological Discrimination between Self and Nonself


Immunological selfnonself discrimination capacity is acquired during ... It rests on specific antigen recognition by B‐ and T cells, but, the innate immune defence  ...

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The brain system may distinguish integrated images of self and nonself created from many inputs, ... Self-nonself Recognition through B-Cell Antigen Receptor.