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Contemporary roller derby has a basic set of rules, with variations reflecting the interests of a governing body's member leagues. The summary below is based ...

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The Official Rules of Women's Flat Track Roller Derby.

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May 10, 2015 ... The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, the English text is authoritative. MeasureMents. Indicated dimensions in the metric system are rounded ...

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The best way to learn about roller derby is to watch roller derby. Come to a bout or two, and you'll get it. There are fans galore that are willing to explain the rules,  ...
Helmet covers are used to identify each player's role on the team. The pivot is then considered the jammer, and the jammer is considered a non-pivot blocker for the rest of the jam. Minor penalties, include any practice that causes some impact like as moving an opposi... More »
By Carlesa Williams, Guide

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Gotham Girls Roller Derby plays flat track roller derby according to the latest rules and clarifications from the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. The latest ...

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Roller derby is a full contact sport & an exciting game to watch. The basic rules are fairly simple, once you pick up the lingo! The object of the game is to score ...

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Many thanks to Legs//Cité for this adaptation of the WFTDA Rule Set! ... Roller derby is a full-contact sport and players are allowed to make contact with each ...

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USARS Bylaws - see parent page; 2015 Roller Derby Rule Book · Roller Derby Cheat Sheet · 2014 NSO Handbook · 2014 Rules Comparison · 2014 Official ...

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(January 1, 2015). (All changes from the previous edition are marked in red & italics). An Official Publication of. USA Roller Sports. Recognized by the United ...

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A: Rather than focusing on the rules you should start skating now. Find roller rinks in your area and get out there. You can concern yourself with rules later. The... Read More »
Q: How to Score in Roller Derby.
A: Instructions. Start skating about 20 feet behind the pack of blockers and pivots and try to pass them all. This will start the jam time, where you and the oppos... Read More »