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Syrian street food includes: ... Falafel is most often served in Syrian flat bread, with pickles, tahina, hummus, sumac, cut vegetable ...

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One of the many highlights of Syrian food is mezza, the tapas of the Middle East. Amidst the social bustle and conversations of family and friends, it's food to be ...

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Katherine Zoepf spent two years in Syria reporting for the New York Times. ... two years as a newspaper stringer and had come to think of the food as rather dull.

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The humanitarian situation in Syria continues to deteriorate. More and more people are being made destitute as fighting continues. The World Food Programme ...

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This section on Food in Syria provides details on traditional and delicious food of Syria. Know more on Local cuisines for tourists in Syria.

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The World Food Programme's (WFP) Syria response helps people affected by the conflict, by delivering food, e-cards and organizing logistics. More information ...

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Beef / Lamb · Poultry · Sea Food · Vegeterian ... Although Syrians are not big on steaks; this dish, 'Sharhat Mtafay شرحات مطفاية', will satisfy any steak-lover.

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Syrian people are proud of their cuisine. They are certainly not wrong on this sentiment. Syrian food is not merely to satisfy hunger, its preparation is an artful act, ...

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Syria has an ancient food culture and was once a bread basket for the Middle East but the conflict has since damaged agriculture and food supplies to many ...

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Damascenes are tremendously proud of their local food. One of Damascus' many charms is the Syrian street food, which is everywhere. You won't walk far ...

The national dish(es) of Syria include(s): Tabbouleh.
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Here's a newsflash: contrary to what the US State Department may wish the world to think, Syria is not populated by terrorists, zealots and other bogeymen. In fact, Syrians are among the most ... More »