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Germplasm is the living genetic resources such as seeds or tissue that is maintained for the purpose of animal and plant breeding, preservation, and other  ...

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Germplasm is living tissue from which new plants can be grown. It can be a seed or another plant part – a leaf, a piece of stem, pollen or even just a few cells that ...

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1 : germ cells and their precursors serving as the bearers of heredity and being fundamentally independent of other cells. 2 : the hereditary material of the germ ...

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The genetic material of a species or other related group of organisms, collected for use in study, conservation, and breeding. 2. Germ cells as distinguished from  ...

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There are two approaches for germplasm conservation of plant genetic materials: 1. ... Cryopreservation broadly means the storage of germplasm at very low ...

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Dec 22, 2014 ... Germplasm - all the plant accessions of a crop available for plant ... Genotype: the definition varies a lot, and its meaning changes with the ...

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Germplasm: seeds or other material from which plants can be propagated; the collection of a set of genetic resources for an organism, which for plants can ...

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also germ plasm. noun. The genetic material of a species or other related group of organisms, collected for use in study, conservation, and breeding. Germ cells ...

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The genetic material which forms the physical basis of heredity and which is transmitted from one generation to the next by means of the germ cells.

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Oct 31, 2014 ... Definitions: What are genetic resources? What is germplasm? What is an accession? What is a propagule? What is genetic diversity? What is a ...

germ plasm
the protoplasm of the germ cells containing the chromosomes.
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