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Accounting Basics
Accounting basics include two major ideas, cash versus accrual accounting and double entry accounting. Learn how each method works and is recorded in accounting ledgers with tips from a certified public account in this free video on accounting.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

Accounting Basics | Explanation | AccountingCoach

This explanation of accounting basics will introduce you to some basic accounting principles, accounting concepts, and accounting terminology. Once you ...

Basic Accounting Concepts - Accounting Basics for Students

Learning the basic accounting concepts sets you on the path to understanding the more complicated principles of the subject.

Basic Terms and Concepts: Small Business Accounting

There are a few (and only a few) things you need to understand in order to make setting up your accounting system easier. They're basic (trust me), and they will ...
Company Snapshot page so you can see income, expenses, and top customers at a glance QuickBooks Premier 2011 also has more advanced features than either QuickBooks Simple Start 2011 or QuickBooks Pro 2011 . If your small business operates internationally, QuickBooks Pr... More »
By Glenn Tyndall, Guide

Basic Accounting - Android Apps on Google Play

Basic Accounting is a nice app for Accounting Students. Basic&v=HeVppgMuu0c
Jul 19, 2012 ... Accounting, even the basics, can be complicated for those who do not have background in the field. Thank you for making this video ...

3.1. Basic Accounting Concepts - GnuCash

As we saw in the previous chapter, accounting is based on 5 basic account types: Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income and Expenses. We will now expand on our ...

Accounting 101: The Basics - AccountingVerse

Accounting Basics. Easy to understand lessons of basic accounting presented in a comprehensive way to help build and solidify your knowledge of accounting ...

Basics of accounting - SlideShare

Feb 23, 2012 ... This will give basic idea about the accounting terminologies and concepts.

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Q: How to Teach Accounting Basics.
A: Instructions. Spend lots of time in definitions and terminology. Accounting vocabulary can be very confusing since the same words are used for different things ... Read More »
Q: How To Understand Fund Accounting Basics
A: Fund accounting is a branch of accounting that is mostly used by non-profit organizations to be able to have a report on where their funds are spent. The assets... Read More »
Q: Accounting Basics : What Is The Accounting Cycle?
A: Businesses need to ensure that their financial records are accurate, up-to-date, and in accordance with accepted accounting principles. They can achieve this ob... Read More »
Q: Accounting basic - Prepaid Insurance, how to calculate this?
A: 3050 divided by 5 u get 610. if the insurance is prepaid that means u paid for five months in advance so u take the total amount of prepaid insurance and divide... Read More »
Q: What is the title of the second chapter of the book The Essential...
A: The second chapter in Essentials of Accounting, 11ed, by Anthony, R.N. and Breitner, L.K. (published in 2013 by Prentice Hall) is called "2. Balance Sheet Chang... Read More »