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[ih-jip-toh-pith-i-kuhs, -puh-thee-kuhs]
a genus of extinct anthropoid ape of the Oligocene Period known from remains found in Egypt.
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Aegyptopithecus, which means "Egyptian Monkey", from Greek Αίγυπτος (Egypt) and πίθηκος (ape or monkey), is an ear...

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Aegyptopithecus. Aegyptopithecus was a small, tree-dwelling, fruit-eating animal living about 33MYA. Weighing about 4kg and somewhat resembling a ...

Aegyptopithecus - Ape-Monkey Ancestor? - Online Biology Dictionary


Aegyptopithecus was an early Miocene ape, widely believed to be ancestral to monkeys and hominoid apes.

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Jan 24, 2005 ... Aegyptopithecus zeuxis was a small primate, around 6 kg, with essentially apelike teeth, including broad flat incisors, low molars with ...

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Information about the prehistoric primate Aegyptopithecus and other prehistoric creatures.

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May 15, 2007 ... From the paleoprimatology department comes news that a second intact cranium of Aegyptopithecus zeuxis has been found and is, ...

Aegyptopithecus the 'Egyptian ape' - Creation Ministries International


Papers. Aegyptopithecus the 'Egyptian ape'. Matthew Murdock. Aegyptopithecus was a small quadrupedal ape whose fragmentary remains were found during a.

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Aegyptopithecus - Reptile evolution from its genesis to today, including the evolution of man, mammals, birds, dinosaurs and reptiles of all sorts.