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affine geometry
the branch of geometry dealing with affine transformations.
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In mathematics, affine geometry is what remains of Euclidean geometry when not using the metric notions of distance and angle. As the notion of parallel lines is ...


Corresponding to linear combinations of vectors, we define affine combina- tions of ... Our presentation of affine geometry is far from being comprehensive,.


An affine geometry is a geometry in which properties are preserved by parallel projection from one plane to another. In an affine geometry, the third and fourth of  ...


In the 2 point geometry, there exists a single line that contains exactly 2 points. ( Without ... It's a known dictum that in Affine Geometry all triangles are the same.


AFFINE GEOMETRY. Theorem II.1. Let x, y and z be distinct points of S such that z ∈ xy. Then {x,y,z} is a noncollinear set. Proof. Suppose that L is a line ...


May 24, 2011 ... But the deeper reason is that vector spaces and affine spaces really have different geometries. The geometric properties of a vector space are ...


After our general introduction to geometry, let us more precisely introduce affine geometry, that is the description of affine spaces (classified by their dimension).


Affine Geometry. Recall from an earlier section that a Geometry consists of a set S (usually Rn for us) together with a group G of transformations acting on S.