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Albireo is the fifth brightest star in the constellation Cygnus. Although it has the Bayer designation beta, it is fainter than Gamma Cygni, Delta Cygni, and Epsilon  ...



Albireo is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel bile acid modulators to treat orphan pediatric liver diseases and ...

Albireo - Jim Kaler


One of the great small-telescope showpieces of the sky, Albireo, the third- magnitude (3.0) Beta star of Cygnus, the Swan, is a magnificent visual double whose ...

Albireo: A Spectacular Double Star – One Minute Astronomer


Aug 5, 2008 ... The bright double star Albireo that marks the head of Cygnus the Swan is a stunning example of contrasting colors and one of the finest double ...

APOD: 2005 August 30 - Albireo: A Bright and Beautiful Double


Aug 30, 2005 ... Such is the case of the bright double star Albireo. Seen at even slight magnification, Albireo unfolds from a bright single point into a beautiful ...

Albireo - Double Star in Cygnus - The Night Sky This Month


Information on Albireo, a beautiful double star in Cygnus. Finder map and picture.

Albireo - Constellations of Words


Albireo, the now universal title, is in no way associated with Arabia, but apparently was first applied to the star from a misunderstanding as to the words ab ireo in ...

Awesome Albireo, summer's most spectacular double star – Astro Bob


Jul 26, 2013 ... Albireo in the Northern Cross is summer's #1 double star treat. Don't miss the opportunity to use your small telescope for a look. Star colors ...

Albireo Energy | Smart Building Solutions


Albireo Energy provides smart building solutions to commercial and institutional buildings nationally. Our building automation, energy services, and fire and ...

Albireo - The Dome of the Sky


The brighter star Albireo A is a K3II bright giant. This type of star is cooler than the sun, with an effective temperature of approximately 4100 K. It is probably about ...

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Albireo, beloved double star | Brightest Stars | EarthSky


Aug 3, 2016 ... Albireo is known best for the striking color contrast between its two stars, with the brighter star gold and the dimmer star blue.

Albireo (Binary star) - Hubble Space Telescope


Albireo in the constellation Cygnus (Swan) appears as a single point of light to the naked eye, but a telescope shows it to be a binary star: two stars bound ...

Albireo (Beta Cygni - β Cyg) - Double Star | Free Star Charts


Albireo (β Cyg) is a showpiece double star and one of the great small ... Albireo is split into two components, a magnitude 3.1 primary (Albireo A) and a ...