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In signal processing and related disciplines, aliasing is an effect that causes different signals to become indistinguishable when sampled. It also refers to the ...

Aliasing and Moire patterns


An explanation of aliasing in digital images, and how to avoid the resulting Moire patterns.

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Dec 21, 2015 ... In sound and image generation aliasing is the generation of a false alias frequency along with the correct one when doing frequency sampling ...

Sep 4, 2012 ... Demonstrates how sampling a sinusoidal signal at an inappropriate rate results in a discrete signal which is interpreted as being a sinusoid of a ...
Apr 25, 2013 ... AA or Anti Aliasing reducing the "jaggies" that make things (particularly games) look less life-like and more like a computer graphic. FORUM ...

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Aliasing definition, a jagged, stairstep effect on curved or diagonal lines that are reproduced in low resolution, as on a computer printout or display. See more.

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a·li·as·ing n. 1. Visible or audible distortion introduced into digital information, such as images or audio signals, caused when a continuous line or transition is not ...

What Is Anti-Aliasing, and How Does It Affect My Photos and Images?


Sep 12, 2011 ... Anti-aliasing is a word that's often thrown around by photographers and gamers when dealing with graphics and images. Take a look at what ...

Aliasing in MRI | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org


Aliasing in MRI (also known as wrap-around) is a common MRI artifact that occurs when the field of view (FOV) is smaller than the body-part being imaged.

Resolution vs. Aliasing: Implications for Motion Capture - Red


Aliasing” may appear as jagged edges, interference patterns (“moiré”) and other false detail. Although sometimes tolerable in still images, such artifacts are ...

a jagged, stairstep effect on curved or diagonal lines that are reproduced in low resolution, as on a computer printout or display.
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aliasing | Define aliasing at Dictionary.com
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