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The People of Andorra
Ethnicity: Spanish, Andorran, Portuguese, French
Languages: Catalan (official), French, Castilian, and Portuguese
Religions: Roman Catholic
Population: 85,082 (2014 est.) (201st)
Median Age: 42.4 years (2014 est.)
Female: 42.2 years (2014 est.)
Male: 42.6 years (2014 est.)
Literacy Rate: 100%
Legal drinking age:

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Andorran culture has both French and Spanish influences. ... In addition, Ricard Fiter, a renowned writer, not only comes from Andorra, but also serves as the ...

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All the popular celebrations and traditions of Andorra la Vella will make you discover the roots of our culture. The Contrapàs. Among the andorran traditional  ...

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Throughout the year, Andorran cultural tradition is revived at all the fiestas mayores in the villages of the Principality and also for some commemorative events.

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Culture & Identity of Andorra. Introduction. The Andorrans almost huddle together in the valleys of the country as nearly everyone lives in these relatively urban ...

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People may tell you Andorra's nothing but skiing and shopping. They might add that Andorra la Vella, its capital and only town, is a fuming traffic jam bordered by palaces of consumerism. (Fact: ... More »
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Identification. The first reference to Andorra appears in the writings of the Greek historian Polybius (c. 200–118 B . C . E ), who tells of the military encounter ...

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Andorran culture is in essence Catalan, including its music, literature, and dance. Visitors should not overlook the many opportunities to get up close with the ...

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