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The Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of the world's five major oceans. ... Map of the Arctic Ocean, with borders as delineated by the International ...

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Map of the Arctic Ocean showing Arctic Circle, North Pole and Sea Ice Cover by Geology.com.

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The map below shows the regional seas that make up the Arctic Ocean, along with other geographical features. NSIDC scientists often refer to the different seas  ...

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The Pacific Ocean is located between North America and Asia, while the Atlantic Ocean is ... The Indian Ocean is between Australia, Africa and Asia, and the Arctic Ocean is between Europe, Asia and North America. ... Maps & Cartography . Q: ...

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Mar 22, 2016 ... The surface of the planet is approximately 71% water and contains (5) five oceans, including the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern.

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There are four recognized oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic. ... Description:This map shows the location of all the oceans and other major water  ...

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The Arctic is a region of the planet, north of the Arctic Circle, and includes the Arctic Ocean, Greenland ... The Arctic Circle, incidentally, is an imaginary line located at 66º, 30'N latitude, and as a guide ... How Do Ocean Currents Affect Climate?

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It consists of the ice-covered Arctic Ocean and surrounding land, including all of Greenland and Spitsbergen, and the northern parts of Alaska, Canada, Norway, ...

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countries or continents, the location of the Arctic Circle, the North Pole and the ice cap, the Arctic Ocean, and the tundra. Student maps should be saved so they ...