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Some examples of authoritarian governments include the regimes in China, Myanmar, Cuba and Iran. In an authoritarian political system, control is held by a single ruler or small gr...

Authoritarian Types of Government
Authoritarian governments place all the power for making decisions, passing laws and conducting the business of the state with one individual or a very small group. These countries rise and fall on the strength of their rulers, who go down in history... More »
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Linz distinguished new forms of authoritarianism from personalistic dictatorships and totalitarian states, ...

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One ruler or a small group of leaders have the real power in authoritarian political systems. Authoritarian governments may hold elections and they may have ...
America's Christian Right has long made the idea of 'law and order' an important political slogan. Religious conservatives have attacked the prison system for being too lenient, for emphasizing rehabilitation over punishment, for pampering prisoners, and for being too ... More »
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Authoritarian definition, favoring complete obedience or subjection to ... The earlier Liberalism had to deal with authoritarian government in church and state.

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Dec 5, 2014 ... Principle of blind submission to authority, as opposed to individual freedom of thought and action. In government, authoritarianism denotes any ...

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Authoritarianism is one of the three main types of political systems (or regimes), democracy and totalitarianism being the other two. Social science scholars have  ...

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Noun, 1. authoritarian regime - a government that concentrates political power in an authority not responsible to the people. authoritarian state · authorities ...

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Define authoritarian. authoritarian synonyms, authoritarian pronunciation, authoritarian ... to authority, as against individual freedom: an authoritarian regime. 2.

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Q: What is an authoritarian government?
A: An authoritarian government is the form of government based on the principle of requiring obedience to the authority of one person or a small group of people. O... Read More »
Q: What are the characteristics of authoritarian government?
A: this is a form of government that doesn't consider it's people's opinions and thoughts. they use force often and do not hold elections. there is usually one per... Read More »
Q: What is the definition of an authoritarian government?
A: An Authoritarian government is one in which political power is Read More »
Q: What is an Authoritarian government?
A: Of or pertaining to a governmental or political system, principle, or practice Read More »
Q: What is an authoritarian government ?
A: A form of government characterized by an emphasis on the authority of the state in a republic or union Read More »