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Battle of the Zab


The Battle of the Zab (Arabic: معركة الزاب) took place on the banks of the Great Zab river in what is now Iraq on January 25, 750. It spell...

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Open revolt in 747, under the leadership of Abū Muslim, led to the defeat of Marwān II, the last Umayyad caliph, at the Battle of the Great Zāb River (750) in ...

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The Battle of the Zab (Arabic: معركة الزاب) took place on the banks of the Great Zab river on 25...

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depart and fight beyond the Oxus, but he preferred to remain and do battle, .... Reaching Shahrazor, east of the Little Zab, towards the end of 131 A.H., ... Next day, Merwan, against advice, threw a bridge across the river, and advanced to fight.

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Jan 25, 2015 ... The two armies met at the Greater Zab River in northern Iraq. The rebels adopted a favorite tactic of the Umayyads: the shield wall, and let the ...

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The final action fought on the Mesopotamian Front, the Battle of Sharqat saw ... reaching Little Zab River, where it expected to meet and engage the Turkish Sixth  ...

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Iraq,Kurdistan,Zab,River,Great Zab Iranian Historical Photographs Gallery:The ... by the Abbasid As-Saffah in the Battle of the Zab on the banks of the Great Zab.

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At Bordeaux, and again at the Battle of the River Garonne, the Umayyad ..... and the unified Caliphate would collapse into civil war in 750 at the Battle of the Zab.

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routing the Umayyad forces at the battle of Siffin in 657, he was won over by a plea for mediation .... massive battle on the river Zab near the Tigris. The Abbasid  ...

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The Battle of the Zab – which ended the Umayyad Caliphate – took place near a tributary of the Great Zab, and the valleys of the river provided shelter for ...

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