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Paul the Apostle commonly known as Saint Paul, and also known by his native name Saul of Tarsus (Hebrew: שאול .... Although we know from his biography and from Acts that Paul...

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Dec 29, 2011 ... Alternative Titles: Saint Paul, Saul of Tarsus ... Related Biographies ... Saint Paul, the Apostle, original name Saul of Tarsus (born 4 bc?, Tarsus ...

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Buy The Apostle: A Life of Paul on Amazon.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on ... Saul of Tarsus (later named the Apostle Paul) but a complete biography is always ...

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Saul of Tarsus - Condensed Biblical Encyclopedia Scripture facts on Saul of Tarsus. Free online bible encyclopedia for study of verses and characters.

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Paul's Biography. Introduction. The Jewish Encyclopedia on "Paul of Tarsus" gives a fair and objective summary of Paul's personality and his impact upon history ...

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SAUL OF TARSUS (known as Paul, the Apostle of the Heathen): ..... (For futher biographical details, which form the subject of much dispute among Christians, ...

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Saint Paul of Tarsus (originally Saul of Tarsus) or Saint Paul, the Apostle (c. 3 - c. 66) is considered by many Christians to be the most important disciple of Jesus ...

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Feb 22, 2016 ... Paul. Biography of the Apostle Paul (c. 3 - 67). ... Stephen and the followers of Christ generally, in which Saul of Tarsus took a prominent part.

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Biography of Paul of Tarsus, Author of the biblical letters to Romans and Corinthians.

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The Apostle Paul was born a Jew and a Roman Citizen in Tarsus. Find out more at the Apostle Paul Website!

Paul of Tarsus
The apostle Paul wrote the Christian religion's earliest texts while crisscrossing the Mediterranean and preaching about the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth. Paul's letters to other believers -- declaring that Jesus had risen from the dead and was... More »
Born: c. 5, Tarsus, Cilicia(now Turkey)
Died: c. 62
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Why was Sault of Tarsus so opposed to Christianity before he was converted? ... Saul of Tarsus was born in approximately AD 5 in the city of Tarsus in Cilicia (in ...

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Saul of Tarsus: A Biography of the Apostle Paul [Matthew Murray, LifeCaps] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paul is arguably the most ...

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Sep 3, 2012 ... Read this biography and profile of one of the greatest heroes of the Christian ... W e are first introduced to Paul when he was Saul of Tarsus.