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Saint Anne of David's house and line, was the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of ... In Protestant tradition it is held that Martin Luther chose to enter religious life as a Roman Cath...

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Many feasts of Mary were also inseparably feasts in honor of St Anne, her mother . Such were the feasts of Mary's conception and of her birth. The Immaculate ...

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Whatever their names or the facts of their lives, the truth is that it was the parents ... Anne (or Ann) is the patron saint of Christian mothers and of women in labor.

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Saints Anne and Joachim, (flourished 1st century bc, Palestine; Western feast day ... The couple rejoiced at the birth of their daughter, whom Anne named Mary.



From that time on the story of St. Anne spread over the West and was amply developed, until St. Anne became one of the most popular saints also of the Latin  ...

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The story of St. Anne as written by Jane Peters for All Saints Church Oystermouth Swansea Wales.

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From her childhood she lead a virtuous, holy life and attained perfection in ... Saint Anne also prayed fervently to God to obtain a husband who would help her in ...

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It is only natural then, that the first images which attract our attention would be about Saint Anne. Even if we know very little about the life of Saint Anne, the ...



SAINT ANNE—Mother of the Blessed Virgin ... minister to Him in holy things all the days of its life " And thus Anne became the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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What do we know about Saint Anne? It is true that Holy Scripture reports nothing on her life, that we look for her name there in vain. But we know that Saint Anne ...

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Saint Anne played an extremely important role in the histories of major world religions, particularly Christianity. She produced Mary, a child born of Immaculate  ...

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Saint Anne was born in Bethlehem and married Joachim from Nazareth in Galilee. Joachim was a shepherd given the task of supplying the temple of Jerusalem ...

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Saint Anne | Mother of Mary. ... Of St. Anne we have no certain knowledge. ... the days of its life " And thus Anne became the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.