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Blue jay


Blue jays have strong black bills which they use for cracking nuts, usually while holding them with their feet, and for eating corn, grains and ...

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Blue Jays are known to take and eat eggs and nestlings of other birds, but we don't know how common this is. In an extensive study of Blue Jay feeding habits,  ...

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Interesting information about blue jays, facts about blue jays, blue jay pictures & bird feeding tips from American Expedition.

Blue Jay


Blue Jays migrate for the Winter, but we see them year-round in Virginia. Even though ... Blue Jays are omnivorous, which means they eat plants and animals.

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Here i have gathered some of the least known blue jay facts. These are also known as Chara azul (Spanish) and Geai bleu (French). Blue jays remain active  ...

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Besides their raucous jay! jay! calls, Blue Jays make a variety of musical ... Most of diet is vegetable matter (up to 75% of diet for year, higher percentage in ...

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The aggressive nature of jays, in fact, appears to be a main reason why lots of backyard birders don't like them. Blue Jays are large, they're loud, they eat a lot, ...

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Blue jays also have a collar of black feathers across the throat and continuing ... In the winter, Blue jays hide far more food than they can eat, perhaps to remove ...

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Diet. Blue Jay The blue jay is omnivorous. It eats fruits, acorns, seeds, nuts, insects, mice and frogs. Sometimes a blue jay will raid a nest for ...

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May 16, 2009 ... Blue jays are omnivores, which means that they eat almost any insect, grain, seed or even egg. See why people view blue jays as pesky ...
Blue Jays eat fruits, nuts, seeds, insects, mice, frogs, young birds and eggs.
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The Bluejay is one of the most colorful birds to nest in our backyards and to visit our feeders. Considered by some to be a bully at the bird feeder, most of us ...

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Blue jays are sometimes known to eat eggs or nestlings, and it is this practice that has tarnished their reputation. In fact, they are largely vegetarian birds. Most of ...

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Sometimes blue jays will eat and eat and then stock up food in their mouths (their gular pocket) to bring back to their home and bury for later. This can take a lot ...