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Unshaded areas were not states before or during the Civil War. In the context of the American Civil War (1861–1865), the border states were slave states that ...

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Kids learn about the Border States during the Civil War including Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Delaware, and West Virginia.

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Source: James M. McPherson, The Negro's Civil War (New York: Pantheon Books, ... policies concerning the border states during the remainder of the war.

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Engraving of Union troops firing on Baltimore citizens during Pratt Street Riot. In the Border ... In the Border States, the war pitted neighbor against neighbor.

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All remained in the Union after the outbreak of the Civil War, except Virginia. Sentiment in that state's 40 western counties, however, was strongly against ...

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During the American Civil War (1861-1865) the Border States were geographically vital to the conflict, as both the Union and Confederacy recognized the ...

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To ensure the continued loyalty of these border states, Lincoln always had to maintain a ... During the war, Lincoln faced opposition and criticism from a variety of ...

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Border states in the American Civil War were states that permitted slavery but did not leave the Union to join the Confederacy. The states recognized by both ...

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The border states, Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, were important to the Union during the Civil War as their loyalty, or at least their neutrality, ...

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The border states, which had not seceded, but separated the United States from the ... What were considered "Border States" during the American Civil War?

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Feb 15, 2002 ... Border States In The Civil War ... The first blood was spilled during the Baltimore Riots in March 1861, and though the state contributed ...

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The American Civil War was fought primarily between the industrialized northern states ... Civil War Border States: Definition & Significance ..... Ku Klux Klan During Reconstruction: History & Explanation7:36; Peninsular Campaign in 1862 : ...

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Civil War Border States Map List Maryland Missouri Kentucky West Virginia ... During the American Civil War (1861-1865) there were five Border States: ...