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Café au lait spots or café au lait macules are flat, pigmented birthmarks. The name café au lait ... Treatment[edit]. Café au lait spots can be removed with lasers.

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They can appear on any area of the body and may be raised. Cafe-au-lait spots: This type of birthmark is typically oval shaped and appears light brown or darker  ...

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Like birthmarks, the appearance of Café Au Lait Macules can often be reduced with laser treatments. Our dermatologists at the Dermatology & Laser Surgery ...

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Cafe au lait can be treated with many lasers that reduce the pigmentation.

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Café-au-lait spots are smooth, often irregular, brown spots on the skin. ... Café-au -lait spots are benign but can be removed with lasers for cosmetic purposes.

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Feb 5, 2016 ... Café au lait macules (CALMs) do not require medical care. When café au lait spots are associated with neurofibromatosis (NF) or another ...

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achieved for a variety of targets in the skin through laser surgery. While there have been previous attempts to remove calii-au-lait spots using several dillierent.

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Nov 8, 2012 ... Ever since my son's cafe au lait birthmark showed up on his cheek a week after he was born, I've been consumed by it. We had a laser test spot ...

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There are several types of birthmarks that respond well to laser treatment. At the Medispa Institute, we can treat café-au-lait macules, which are brown birthmarks  ...

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Café-au-lait macules are usually present at birth (congenital) or appear in early infancy. ... In contrast, café-au-lait macules associated with NF type 1 and Leopard .... Risks for laser surgery inclucde transient/permanent hyperpigmentation, ... Café-au-lait spots treatment and management [Internet]; [ updated 2014 Nov 04; ...