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The criminal law of Canada is under the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the Canadian federal government. The power to enact criminal law is derived from ...


The Criminal Code (French: Code criminel) is a law that codifies most criminal offences and procedures in Canada. Its official long ...


118 - PART IV - Offences Against the Administration of Law and Justice ..... Under Subsection 553.1(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada [Repealed] (SI/86-78) ...


Dec 28, 2014 ... Criminal law, in its widest sense, includes substantive criminal law, the operation of penal institutions, criminal procedure and evidence, and ...


Preface[edit]. This text was written as a reference on the proof of Criminal Code offences, as well as the legal doctrines that can be applied in proving offences, ...


This book is a reference for practitioners, police officers, and law students who need a convenient way to look up legislation, principles, and case law.


This site reviews a variety of topics in Canadian criminal law. It is intended as a reference for those seeking to better understand technical elements of the law.


Canadian Criminal Law, Types of Offences, Procedure if an an offence is Alleged , Young Offenders, Parole, Pardons, Extradition.


Where does the criminal law in Canada come from? The criminal law in ... Does this mean that all Canadian criminal law is contained in the Criminal Code? No.