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Geography of Canada


The geography of Canada describes the geographic features of Canada, the world's second largest country in total area. Situated in northern North America ...

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As the second largest country in the world, Canada includes a wide variety of land regions, vast maritime terrains, thousands of islands, more lakes and inland  ...

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Information on Canada — map of Canada, flag of Canada, geography, history, politics, government, economy, population, culture, religion, languages, largest ...

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Map of Canada. GEOGRAPHY. Canada is a vast and rugged land. From north to south it spans more than half the Northern Hemisphere. From east to west it ...

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An to Canada featuring important information on Canada's history, languages, government, industry, land use, geography and climate. Learn these important ...

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CANADIAN GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE. Canada is the second largest country on earth, covering an area of 10 million square kilometres (3.9 million square ...

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The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is dedicated to imparting a broader knowledge and deeper appreciation of Canada through its educational program,  ...

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For more than 50 years, the RCGS has contributed to growing geographical understanding of Canada - its people, places, culture, environment and economic ...

Geography of Canada
Location: Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, North Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Arctic Ocean on the north, north of the conterminous US
Continent: North America
Total Area: 9,984,670 sq km - 3,855,102 sq miles
Terrain: mostly plains with mountains in west and lowlands in southeast
Climate: varies from temperate in south to subarctic and arctic in north
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As the world's second largest country, Canada's geography changes significantly depending on which part you are in. And with the differences in each region, ...

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... capitals pronounced. Plus additional information about Canadian history, geography, ecology and more. Play games and learn about Canada before you travel.