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Cataract Symptoms
Common symptoms of cataracts include: blurry vision, trouble seeing at night, seeing colors as faded, increased sensitivity to glare , halos surrounding lights , double vision in the affected eye, frequent changes in glasses prescription ... More »
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A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye which leads to a decrease in vision. Cataracts ... Poor vision caused by cataracts may also result in an increased risk of falling and depression. Cat...

Cataracts: 3 Common Types, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss in people over age 40 and is the principal cause of blindness in the world. In fact, there are more cases of ...

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Sep 24, 2016 ... Learn more about your eyes and cataracts, including the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Aug 31, 2016 ... At first, the cloudiness in your vision caused by a cataract may affect only a small part of the eye's lens and you may be unaware of any vision ...

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It is after age 60 that most cataracts cause problems with a person's vision. ... Treatment. How is a cataract treated? The symptoms of early cataract may be ...

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The eye's natural crystalline lens helps us focus on people and things at varying distances. Unfortunately, as we grow older this lens often stiffens and hardens, ...

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Mar 29, 2016 ... Cataracts are cloudy areas in the lens inside the eye - which is normally clear. They are said to be the leading cause of vision loss in people ...

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Oct 7, 2016 ... Cataracts can create cloudy or double vision and sensitivity to light. Read more on how they form and what you can do to treat them.

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However, as cataracts worsen, vision symptoms increase. ... Cataract treatment is based on the level of visual impairment they cause. If a cataract minimally ...