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Cato the Elder


Cato the Elder born Marcus Porcius Cato and also known as Cato the Censor ( Cato Censorius), Cato the Wise (Cato Sapiens), and Cato the Ancient (Cato ...

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Cato the Elder (the additive 'the Elder' is used to distinguish him from his grandson who also rose to prominence in Roman history and is known as 'the ...

Cato the Elder (aka M. Porcius Cato or Cato the Censor)


Cato the Elder was the man who said Carthage must be destroyed. M. Porcius Cato (Cato the Elder or Cato the Censor) was a 2nd Century B.C. Roman ...

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May 4, 2012 ... (Vol. II) Plutarch, The Parallel Lives. p303 The Life of Cato the Elder. 1 1 The family of Marcus Cato, it is said, was of Tusculan origin, though he ...

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Marcus cato, we are told, was born at Tusculum, though (till he betook himself to civil and military affairs) he lived and was bred up in the country of the Sabines, ...

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Marcus Porcius Cato (234 BC – 149 BC), Roman statesman, often called "The Censor," Sapiens, Priscus, or Major (the Elder), to distinguish him from Cato the ...

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Mar 3, 2014 ... The phrase was most famously uttered frequently and persistently almost to the point of absurdity by the Roman senator Cato the Elder ...

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Apr 2, 2014 ... Visit Biography.com to learn more about Marcus Porcius Cato, the anti-Hellenist Roman writer ... Nickname: Cato the Censor: Cato the Elder.

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M. PORCIVS CATO CENSOR. (234 – 149 B.C.). Orationum Fragmenta · de Agri Cultura · The Latin Library The Classics Page.

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Cato the Elder (kāˈtō) [key] or Cato the Censor, Lat. Cato Major or Cato Censorius, 234–149 B.C., Roman statesman and moralist, whose full name was Marcus ...

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Marcus Porcius Cato, byname Cato The Censor, or Cato The Elder (born 234 bc, Tusculum, Latium [Italy]—died 149) Roman statesman, orator, and the first ...

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Cato called "the Elder" to distinguish him from his equally famous greatgrandson, Cato the Younger, was born in Tusculum in the Sabine mountains.

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Roman statesman, surnamed "the Elder" or "the Censor", to distinguish him from Cato of Utica, was born at Tusculum. He came of an ancient plebeian family, ...