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List of Celtic deities


The Celtic pantheon is known from a variety of sources such as written Celtic mythology, ancient places of worship, statues, engravings, religious objects, and  ...



Celtic (Gaulish) God of the apple tree. Aine of Knockaine Celtic (Irish) Goddess of love and fertility, later known as the fairy queen. Goddess related to the moon, ...

Celtic Deities - Wicca


Discriptions and brief explanations of early Celtic deities.

Celtic Deities of Britain, Wales, Gaul, and Scotland (and surrounding ...


This is a rather comprehensive (I hope) listing of the Celtic Deities of Scotland, Britain, Wales, Cornwall, Gaul, and surrounding areas. I didn't include Ireland in ...

Short Celtic God List - Draeconin


He was one of the Celtic gods of the Underworld. He ruled Avalon where he lived with his daughter, Modron, and her nine sisters. Avalon was like the Celtic ...

Celtic Gods and Goddesses List


The Druid priests of the Celts did not write down the stories of their gods and goddesses, but instead transmitted them orally, so our knowledge of the early Celtic ...

Amazon.com: Celtic Gods and Heroes (Celtic, Irish ...


Marie-Louise Sjoestedt's 1940 classic "Celtic Gods and Heroes" (2000 English language edition) is a must read for every student of pre medieval western ...

Celtic Gods and Goddesses, Symbols of Power and Majesty


Celtic Gods and Goddesses are Powerful Cultural Symbols. Check out this page to learn more about Celtic deities and their symbols.

Mythography | Celtic Ireland - Gods and Goddesses in Myth and Art


Learn about gods and goddesses in Celtic Ireland, with recommended books and resources.

Britannia Celtic Gods: Bran Fendigaid, God of Regeneration


Bran Fendigaid, Celtic God of Regeneration. ... Bran Fendigaid (the Blessed) was the son of the Sea God, Llyr and, maternally, the grandson of Belenos, the Sun ...

The Celts
Early Celtic societies were organized around warfare—this structure would commonly characterize cultures in the process of migration: the Celts, the Huns, and later the Germans.
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Celtic Mythology - the gods of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Gaul


Celtic mythology from Godchecker - the legendary mythology encyclopedia. Your guide to the Celtic gods, spirits, demons and legendary monsters. Our unique ...

The top ten gods and goddesses from Celtic mythology - IrishCentral ...


Jul 5, 2016 ... From the god of war to the god of love and youth, a glimpse into the origins of Irish culture. Photo by: iStockphoto. Celtic mythology offers a rich ...

The Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic Lands - SCNS


The Celtic Pantheon held many female deities of primary importance ranging from war goddesses to mother goddesses to ruling goddesses. They also believed ...