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Cladophora is a genus of reticulated filamentous Ulvophyceae (green algae). The genus Cladophora contains many species that are very hard to tell apart and  ...

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Comments: Cladophora cosmopolitan in temperate and tropical regions, occurring in freshwater, brackish and marine conditions. The various species are found ...

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Dec 17, 2013 ... For the past five years, large quantities of decaying algae, called Cladophora, have been fouling Wisconsin´s Lake Michigan shoreline. As the ...

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Cladophora, a nuisance, native green alga that grows attached to solid substrate in all of the Laurentian Great Lakes, has recently expanded in extent, partially ...

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Cladophora Kützing, 1843. Taxonomic ... Species, Cladophora albida (Hudson) Kuetzing, 1843 ... Species, Cladophora glaucescens (Griffiths) Harvey, 1862.

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Cladophora is found in a variety of marine and fresh- waters and provides habitat and food for numerous or- ganisms. It may be the most ubiquitous macroalga ...

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Nov 2, 2007 ... Cladophora, genus of green algae found growing attached to rocks or timbers submerged in shallow lakes and streams; there are some marine ...



Cladophora. It is a filamentous green alga common in the Great Lakes and many other fresh waters. Growing on submerged rocks, it looks like long, green hair ...