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Coherence theory of truth regards truth as coherence within some specified set of sentences, propositions or beliefs. There is no single set of such "logical ...

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Sep 3, 1996 ... A coherence theory of truth states that the truth of any (true) proposition consists in its coherence with some specified set of propositions.

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Specifically, a Coherence Theory of Truth will claim that a proposition is true if and only if it coheres with ___. For example ...

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Definition of Coherence Theory of Truth – Our online dictionary has Coherence Theory of Truth information from Encyclopedia of Philosophy dictionary.

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Jun 14, 2015 ... An explication of the Coherence theory of truth, including different version of coherence theories of truth, including idealistic theistic coherence, ...

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To many thinkers the weak point of pure coherence theories is that they fail to include a proper sense of the way in which actual systems of belief are sustained  ...

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Summarize Joachim's description of the coherence theory of truth. 5. Explain on Joachim's view whether or not anything can be known to be absolutely true.

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Coherence theory definition, the theory of truth that every true statement, insofar as it is true, describes its subject in the totality of its relationship with all other ...

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Nov 9, 2008 ... Here I will explain the differences between the Correspondence Theory of truth, the Coherence Theory and the Pragmatic Theory.

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Apr 25, 2012 ... The correspondence theory states that "a proposition must correspond with a fact or event" in order to be acknowledged as truth. For example ...

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A coherence theory bases the truth of a belief on the degree to which it coheres (" hangs together") with all the other beliefs in a system of beliefs (typically one ...

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The Coherence Theory of Truth is probably second or third in popularity to the Correspondence Theory. Originally developed by Hegel and Spinoza, it often ...

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Coherence Theory Of Truth ... A coherence theory of truth states that the truth of any (true) proposition consists in its coherence with some specified ...