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The coyote is a canid native to North America. It is smaller than its close relative, the gray wolf and slightly smaller than its other close relatives, the eastern wolf ...

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The Coyote has a good sense of smell, vision and hearing which, coupled with evasiveness, enables the coyote to survive both in the wild and occasionally in ...

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One of the fastest-growing logistics providers in America, Coyote believes in doing the right thing, every time, no matter what your freight or destination.

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Maps showing the areas open for coyote hunting. ... Hunting Seasons. New York State map showing coyote hunting season for different areas. Outdoor Activities.

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Common Name: Coyote. Scientific Name: Canis latrans. Type: Mammals. Diet: Omnivores. Group Name: Pack. Average life span in The Wild: Up to 14 years.

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The Eastern coyote is firmly established in New York. They live in New York as an integral part of our ecosystems. People and coyotes can usually coexist if the  ...

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The coyote has grayish-brown to yellowish-brown fur on top and whitish fur on its underparts. It has large triangular ears on the top of its head and a long, narrow ...

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Visit us. Phone: 212-477-4431; Email: newyork@coyoteuglysaloon.com · Facebook · Twitter · Instagram. Hours. Sunday 12:30pm-4am; Monday 2pm-4am  ...

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The coyote is a medium-sized member of the dog family that includes wolves ... Current Distribution: Coyotes are native to North America and currently occur ...