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Parenchyma is the bulk of a substance. In animals, a parenchyma comprises the functional ... In the brain, the parenchyma refers to the functional tissue in the brain that is made up of the ... Look...

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The brain parenchyma includes all of the functional tissue in the brain. It is made up of neurons and glial cells and is divided into white matter and grey matter, ...

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Brain parenchyma is the tissue that makes the brain the brain as opposed to another organ, according to SIUC School of Medicine. It is the brain's nervous tissue ...

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The brain parenchyma is the nervous tissue in the brain. It's made entirely of glial cells and nerve cells, and is essential for...

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The brain consists of grey and white matter structures which are differentiated on CT by differences in density. White matter has a high content of myelinated ...

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the essential or functional elements of an organ, as distinguished from its framework, which is called the stroma. adj., adj paren´chymal, parenchym´atous.

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PARENCHYMA: 1) the tissue consists of thin-walled living cells. 2) it is distributed in almost all the parts of the plant body . 3) the living cells of parenchyma ...

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ratio of brain parenchymal volume to the total volume within the brain surface contour, ... The brain parenchymal fraction is a marker for destructive pathologic ...

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Apr 16, 2008 ... The drainage territory was defined as the brain parenchyma directly adjacent to ..... with DVAs and to define their importance more accurately.