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Tactile discrimination


Tactile discrimination is the ability to differentiate information received through the sense of touch. This is often tested during neurological examination and ...

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the ability to identify, without looking, the exact point on the body where a tactile stimulus is applied. The localization test is applied in sensory evaluation tests.

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v. lo·cal·ized, lo·cal·iz·ing, lo·cal·iz·es. v.tr. 1. To make local: decentralize and localize political authority. 2. To confine or restrict to a particular locality: localized  ...

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The ability to remember and relocate a specific point on skin that has just been touched is referred to as tactile localization. This ability is greater in ...



PART B: TACTILE LOCALIZATION. This tests the ability to determine where tactile stimulation has occurred. Using a felt—tip marker, touch the skin of the test  ...

Diagnosis - Tactile Localization - Reading from Scratch


If you find someone with reading problems who is intelligent, makes mistakes on the rnisspelled homophones and blows the tactile localization test, you are as ...

Sensation - Clinical Methods - NCBI Bookshelf


Definition. The sensory system provides information that places the individual in .... Tactile localization can be tested by having the patient point to the area ...

Lecture 2: Tactile sensing


Tactile sensations are experienced with the entire skin surface. – Different ... responsible for tactile sensing found in the skin. – Free nerve .... Point localization .

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What is tactile information? It is information that you get through touch. Feeling a leaf, or feeling rain fall on your cheek, or even someone comforting you with a ...

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A: These are in regards to the right upper extremities. A patient had injury to his right brachial plexus and i'm trying to determine if each of these is better or... Read More »
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Q: What is tactile resolution?And what is tactile localization?
A: Can't find anything about tactile resolution yet. Here is something about tactile localization - hope it helps! "This is a test for the corpus callosum. If you ... Read More »
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