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In electronics and telecommunications, modulation is the process of varying one or more .... According to another definition, the modulation is a form of digital-to- analog conversion. Most textbooks...

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1 : an inflection of the tone or pitch of the voice; specifically : the use of stress or pitch to convey meaning. 2 : a regulating according to measure or proportion : ...

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Modulation is when you control or adjust something, like when you lower your voice to a loud whisper in order to make what you're saying more dramatic and ...

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Modulate definition, to regulate by or adjust to a certain measure or proportion; soften; tone down. See more.

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Modulation is the addition of a signal to an electronic or optical carrier signal or waveform to convey information by varying its frequency, amplitude, phase and ...

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Modulation definition, the act of modulating. See more.

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a. A passing or transition from one key or tonality to another. b. The result of such a transition. 4. a. A change in stress, pitch, loudness, or tone of the voice; ...

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Definition of modulation: Process of changing an electrical signal, such as by superimposing the signal's characteristics onto a carrier wave so that it carries the ...

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v. mod·u·lat·ed, mod·u·lat·ing, mod·u·lates. v.tr. 1. To regulate or adjust to a certain degree: physiological mechanisms that modulate the body's metabolic rate. 2.

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Modulation Definition - Modulation is a process through which audio, video, image or text information is added to an electrical or optical carrier...

[moj-uh-ley-shuhn, mod-yuh-]
the act of modulating.
the state of being modulated.
Music. transition from one key to another.
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