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Corpora amylacea


Corpora amylacea are small hyaline masses of unknown significance found in the prostate gland, neuroglia, and pulmonary alveoli. They are derived from ...

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corpus al´bicans white fibrous tissue that replaces the regressing corpus luteum in the human ovary in the latter half of pregnancy, or soon after ovulation when ...

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Looking for online definition of corpus amylacea in the Medical Dictionary? corpus ... (kōr'pŭs, -pōr-is, -pōr-ă), [TA] The plural of this word is corpora, not corpi . 1.

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Amylacea is a Latinate biological word from the Greek amylon, which means ' starchy.' It is most commonly used in the medical term corpora amylacea, which ...

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corpora definition: ... ... The connexion between the corpora striata, or chief remaining part of the hemispheres. ... 976; Siegert, " Corpora Amylacea," Arch.

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pulmonary corpora amylacea, which was resected under suspicion of lung cancer. ... the sections were stained by means of histochemical procedures and ...

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Mod Pathol. 2005 Jan;18(1):36-9. Corpora amylacea in adenocarcinoma of the prostate: incidence and histology within needle core biopsies. Christian JD(1) ...

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The present contribution describes an attempt to define the morphology and some of the chemical properties of corpora amylacea, using the polarizing ...

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Keywords: corpora amylacea; hippocampal sclerosis; epilepsy ... Corpora amylacea are globular basophilic bod- .... Corpora amylacea were defined as globular.

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As a male ages, there are more likely to be small concretions within the glandular lumina, called corpora amylacea, that represent laminated concretions of ...

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[New Latin prostata, from Greek prostatēs (adēn), prostate (gland), from proïstanai, to set before : pro-, in front; see pro-<sup>2</sup> + histanai, to set, place; see stā- in ...

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The corpora amylacea, so called, differ materially from starch-granules, and still more from the amyloid matter. A System of Practical Medicine By American ...

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Pathology. One of the key machanisms are thought to be calcification of corpora amylacea and simple precipitation of prostatic secretions <sup>9</sup>.