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The Dutch Bantam (Dutch: Hollandse Kriel) is a breed of chicken originating in the Netherlands. It is also one of the true bantam breeds, meaning it is a naturally  ...


Dutch Bantams - Day Old Dutch Bantam Chicks Hatching mid-February to May. Dutch Bantams are an old breed, and they are hardy, good layers - making.


The Dutch bantam or De Hollandse Krielan has been in existence for a long time and first appeared in Britain in the late 1960s. They are upright little birds with ...


Dutch Bantams. by. Monte Bowen Plevna, KS. with permission from. SPPA Bulletin, 2000, 5(4):3-4. The name itself is a misnomer, as all Dutch are bantams.


The Dutch bantam is a very old breed. It was kept by peasants to provide them with small eggs, as the law stated that all large eggs were to go to the Lord of the  ...


Photos and breed information for Dutch Bantams, true bantams developed in Holland during the 1880's and a popular bantam breed for small back gardens.


The Light Brown Dutch is a single comb, clean legged variety that originated in Holland. Dutch bantams are considered a true bantam because they do not have  ...


The Dutch bantam chicken has a long history with origins in the Netherlands, and a large and loyal following now in the United States.


The Dutch bantam breed of chicken is said to have originated in the Netherlands. However, historical documents from Europe tell us that the breed was brought ...