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Elder (Christianity)


An elder in Christianity is a person who is valued for wisdom and holds a ..... Also , if the pastor or bishop finds them worthy, after a few years of being their ...

The office of Elders, pastors and bishops


The Bible uses Elder, Presbyter, Overseer, Bishop, Shepherd, Pastor interchangeably and they all refer to a single office in the church. Local churches appoint ...

Elders, Pastors, Bishops, and Bethlehem | Desiring God


Mar 2, 1987 ... I. Baptist Church Government Illustrated from Historic Baptist Confessions. The purpose of this survey is to show that historically Baptists have ...

What is the role of an elder? | Desiring God


Jan 23, 2006 ...Elder” and “pastor” are not two different offices. ... as “bishop/overseer” is a functional description of the role of elder stressing the governing or ...

Elders, Bishops, and Pastors - In Search of Truth


Referenced in the Bible as "elders", "bishops", "pastors" and "presbyters", they carry the heavy responsibility of "watching out for your souls, as those who must ...

Elder, Bishop, Pastor: Three Different Offices or the Same Office?


Do the terms elder, bishop, and pastor refer to three different officers or works in the church, or are they various titles for the same work or office? What about ...

What's the difference between Elders, Bishops and Pastors?


The terms elder, bishop and pastor are generally used interchangeably in the New Testament, although "elder" primarily refers to the person, while "bishop or ...

Pastor-Elder-Bishop, what's the difference? - Pastor David Cox


The term elder speaks of the qualifying spiritual character that the pastor needs. When you speak of bishop or overseer you are really referring to the spiritual ...

What are deacons, elders, bishops and pastors? « God Issues


Jun 1, 2010 ... One of the most obvious differences between Christian denominations regards the various leadership roles which churches recognize.

Pastors, Bishops and Elders - BibleTrack


Among many Christians today, there is considerable confusion about the scriptural identifications and distinctions regarding pastors, bishops and elders.

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Q: Are the terms: Elder, Pastor and Bishop synonymous of the same of...
A: These are the one and same office. They are the leaders of the church. Read More »
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Q: Why would we need to balance the clear teaching as I Timothy give...
A: Curt, If you don't want to be a United Methodist, there is nothing I can do to stop you. You are fully convinced of your position, and we are fully convince... Read More »
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Q: What's the difference between a Bishop and a Pastor?
A: All bishops should be pastors of their flock, or people. But not all pastors are bishops! Besides which Bishops are modern day apostles! Read More »
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Q: What are the qualifications of a pastor (not elder, deacon, or bi...
A: This is like asking what Peter's qualifications were to be an Apostle. We don't need any qualifications, other than Spiritual maturity through experience. While... Read More »
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Q: In the bible each local church had a plurality of bishops, who we...
A: I've actually compared a King James Bible to a "Catholic Bible" and they have made many changes. If you want one quick example: they have been so bold as to cha... Read More »
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